Losing teeth is one thing nobody anticipates. Before getting frustrated about compromising for the big, bulky, uncomfortable dentures your grandma and grandpa had, you should realize nowadays there are different types of options to select from. Unlike the the past where everybody got exactly the same kind, patients are now able to get dentures that best fit their special, dental needs.

Kinds of Dentures:

Complete -Complete dentures would be the conventional dentures that are applied in the end from the patient’s teeth are removed. Complete dentures incorporate a full group of teeth that stuck towards the gums.

There’s two kinds of complete dentures: Conventional and immediate. Conventional are applied following the teeth are extracted and also the gums heal (around 8-12 days). Immediate are pre-made and could be applied within the gums soon after one’s teeth are extracted, throughout the gum recovery process.

Partial – Unlike complete dentures, partial dentures do not require all of the patient’s teeth to become extracted. Partial dentures are dental bridges that attach substitute teeth to some base that’s either pink or gum colored that is connected by wired frames.

There’s two kinds of partial dentures: removable and permanent. In removal partial option, the bridge snaps either in to the base or to the wire framework. In permanent partial option, the bottom of the bridge is cemented into position on the top from the gums.


Today, dentures aren’t your main option. Rather of dreading the abnormal look or uncomfortable feel. There’s another alternative available which give a natural feel and look.

This different are teeth implants. Teeth implants are permanent solutions for missing teeth. Implants are constructed with a titanium screw placed in to the gums and capped having a porcelain crown. The crowns are sized and colored towards the specific size, shape and color of the sufferers natural teeth. The screw keeps the crown in position so someone can steer clear of the awkward sliding that occurs with dentures along with the daily cleaning they require.

Which Denture fits your needs?

The very best alternative that fits your needs depends upon the health of the teeth. For those who have no or hardly any healthy, natural teeth left, complete dentures are the best choice.

Partial and teeth implants require patients to possess a couple of, strong, healthy natural teeth to become placed.

Permanent partial dentures and teeth implants are perfect for patients with couple of missing teeth and that do not want the irritation of taking care of removable partial dentures.

Both permanent partial dentures and teeth implants would be the most costly denture options. These options might not be perfect for individuals with limited funds.

Conventional and removal partial dentures require daily cleaning and cannot be worn overnight. There’s also some foods to prevent while putting on either of those denture options, including soft, sticky, hard and crunchy foods.

Traditional dentures aren’t the choice for patients with missing teeth. You will find complete and partial dentures in addition to dental implant denture alternatives. Some dentures will also be permanent, meaning they’re simpler for patients to wash and will not cause embarrassing slippage when consuming food.


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