Ayurveda, a time old Indian system of drugs, emphasis that Rheumatic illnesses occur because of accrued ama supported through the vata dosh. Panchakarma, is really a cleansing process, which is extremely unique in Ayurvedic medicine by undergoing it, your body has the capacity to release excess doshas and amas (toxins) in the cells also it strikes at the bottom reason for Rheumatic fever.

Panchakarma means five therapeutic measures that are gone through for that purification from the body. The straightforward logic which Ayurveda operates would be that the body needs to be purified before preparing it for the treatment of it for that complex health issues.

The pre-purification measures of panchakarma are :

1.Snehana (abhyangam) – oil massage is performed which will help the ama to maneuver for the gastro digestive tract.

2. Swedana (sweating) – a procedure which liquefies toxins and boosts the movement of ama for the gastro digestive tract.

Next comes the primary purification measures :

1. Vamana – It’s a therapeutic vomiting which eliminates the kapha casuing the surplus mucus.

2. Virechana – It’s a purgation therapy. To deal with the fever the consequence of the surplus Pitta being secreted within the gallbladder, liver or small intestine.

3. Nasya – It’s thought that nose may be the entrance to the brain which may be the entrance to consiousness. In Nasya, the surplus of bodily humors especially those that are located in throat area, are eliminated through administration of medicine with the nose.

4. Basti – It’s an enema therapy in which the herbal concoctions of sesame iols along with other herbal formulations by means of liquid medium are introduced to the rectum. Janubasti can also be extremely effective for vata disorders which leads to RA disorders.

Hence panchakarma treatment methods are found extremely effective for the rheumatic disorders after undergoing it the individual will be advised to guide an altered lifestyle, take healthy diet and do yogic exercises that can help him to keep themself away from RA disorders later on too.


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