Botox is commonly used for cosmetic enhancement. Many people opt for botox to get wrinkle free skin or to erase crow’s feet. Botox can also be used for many medical conditions, provided these are FDA approved.

Botox Safety Standards

When it comes to any cosmetic enhancement, you might want to know about the safety aspect. Cosmetic enhancement needs to be carried out by professionals. When used in small dosage, Botox can do wonders to your skin.

In Quebec, you might come across many cosmetic clinics that offer Botox services to their customers. Many of the clinics might be in French, so you might want to look for words such as injection de botox and enquire about the procedure.

FDA has approved Botox for nine medical conditions. Botox that are FDA approved will come with warning labels cautioning customers about the side effects of the medications. If you are on medications or have sensitive skin, you might want to discuss the right treatment plan with your doctor.

Treating Medical Conditions with Botox

Many doctors use Botox for the treatment of strabismus or crossed eyes. Crossed eyes can be a congenital issue or could be a result of some trauma. Botox can help to relax the eye muscles and help give an insight to doctors on how the eye would look normally.

Botox can also be used in treatment chronic migraines and necks spasms. Injecting botox into the temple or neck can help ease the pain and relax the muscles. It is also effective in treating hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating and overactive bladder.

FDA has not approved Botox for treating:

  • Depression
  • Cleft lips
  • Premature ejaculation or painful sex
  • Controlling of an abnormal heartbeat
  • Cold hands

It is natural to feel skeptical about any cosmetic treatment. When it comes to your body, you will definitely weigh the pros and cons of each procedure. Ensure that before consulting a doctor, you have complete information about Botox.

Some of the benefits that you can derive from a Botox treatment include:

  • It can help reduce acne
  • It can give you plump lips
  • It can visibly reduce fine lines and frown lines
  • It can soften or tighten your jaw line
  • It can help in nose correction
  • It can contribute for a gummy smile by lifting the corners of your mouth.


Get back your confidence and self esteem by choosing the right Botox procedure. Botox can make you look young and can also help in reducing symptoms of a number of health conditions.


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