There are all kinds of animals in the world, however, no all of them are the best option to have as a pet, whether because they have to live in a specific condition, or because they are a bit too dangerous and unpredictable to have around in a populated area.While we are going to mention some of the most popular pets, you should visit Gordon Vet Hospital at or your local vet in order to have a consultation about a pet that interests you in case you want to adopt one yourself.

Your pet will always offer unconditional love

Cats and dogs

Without a doubt, the most popular pets in the world are cats and dogs. These two have always been on the top of the charts, and that is not only because they are spread all around the world, but because of all the benefits they bring into the household.

Both pets are incredibly fun to have, and they will certainly provide you with some moments where you are going to laugh at them due to their strange decisions, however, both pets have unique benefits to their owner as well. Cats are very good hunters, so if you happen to live in a house where vermin is not uncommon, they are definitely going to remove all of that annoying vermin.

On the other hand, dogs are very loyal animals, and they are the best option for those who happen to have post-traumatic stress disorder or autism. There are also breeds that are great when it comes to helping people who are blind, as the helper dogs can easily navigate their owners around town, keeping them out of danger. Dogs were also scientifically proven to have quite a big impact on health in general.


The perfect pet for everyone who doesn’t really have enough time to take their pet for a walk, or to prepare specific food for them every day, fish are definitely the perfect choice. While a lot of people don’t really see how fish can be entertaining, people who do keep fish have proven them wrong as their numbers are quite high.

There are various breeds of fish that are capable of doing tricks and their memory is not as short as the myth claims. In fact, fish can also tie to their owners, and they will mostly react only to their presence, which is quite fascinating.

You could also have an exotic pet!


One of the most popular at cutest choices for a pet out there are definitely rabbits. These cute long-eared beauties are always fun to have around, however, keep in mind that they are quite an easy target for ticks.

If you have a pet rabbit that loves to be outdoors, check out in order to find out how to prevent ticks from being a danger to not only rabbits, but other animals that run around outdoors in places where ticks may attack.

Final Word

While our list only involves the most popular pets, there are all kinds of animals that can be the best pet you can have. Of course, before you decide to adopt a pet, you should consult with a vet about the care it requires, as well as anything else that you should know about your new family friend.


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