There is a percentage of the population that loves to use their weekends to relax, catch up on your favorite television shows, go to the movies, do a little gardening, and generally take it easy. They figure that the weekend is simply for getting away from anything stressful and catching up on sleep.

There is another group of individuals that believe that the weekend is for getting the chance to exercise your competitive spirit and participate in sports. This group of individuals is called weekend warriors and they use the weekend exercise the dreams of being sports legends.

You can find weekend warriors at the sporting goods sections of department stores purchasing the most high-priced footwear, outfits, and sports-related gadgets available. They also the ones on the playground basketball and tennis courts who have the pricey water bottles filled with exotic sports drinks.

If you ask a weekend warrior what he or she believes, they will often say that they believe that they could have become a professional athlete if only they had better physical attributes, better coaching, or parents that pushed them a little bit harder.

Even if this may or may not be true, what they do all possess is the same competitive spirit that pushes professional athletes. For this reason, they participate in their sport of choice like a professional giving all they must perform at the highest level.

Although their performances will never match that of a professional athlete some of them are actually pretty good. But because they are playing as intensely as professional athletes, they often suffer the same injury problems as professional athletes. If you are a weekend warrior, here is one of the most important things you need to do in order to avoid serious injury.

See a physical therapist when you have a small injury to avoid a big one

Too often weekend warriors disregard small aches, pains, and injuries, thinking at this is the cost of participating in their favorite sport. They see their sports idols play through the pain and figure that they must do the same. What you don’t realize however is that there is a medical professional sitting on the sidelines evaluating the professional sports athlete and telling him or her whether they should continue.

It is impossible to determine the extent of an injury by just how you feel. Weekend warriors should always go to see a doctor if they have a bad or persistent pain in one of their muscles or joints.  If the injury demands it, the doctor will advise them to go and see a sports physio in order to rehabilitate the injury. By seeing a physical therapist when you have a small injury, you avoid spending more time on the sidelines because the injury has turned to bad one. The physical therapist will do a full medical examination and assess the extent of your injuries and determine the best course of action for you. It may include rest, surgery or therapy over time to heal you. The physical therapist will also give you advice on how to avoid further injury. In the end you will be healthier and able to play more.

Getting physical exercise every weekend is wonderful, but you must be careful to avoid injury. If you are a weekend warrior, take it easy and you can have fun and be injury free.


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