The feet barely get the attention they deserve. Even if they carry the body around on a daily basis, you may stuff them into pointy, high-heels and dead-flat shoes until you read the age when your feet give up. However, your feet play an important role in nearly everything you do, from walking to running, exercising or just standing. Having comfortable and well-cared feet will ensure the wellness of your feet and make your experience more pleasant.

Here foot wellness tips that you must keep in mind:

Wear the Right Shoes for your Activity

Shoes for athletes are supposed to be solid and stiff in the heel’s back part and in the arch of the foot. The shoe must bend in the toe area where the foot naturally bends. The ability of the shoe to support the feet will diminish when there are signs of wearing on the shoe’s outside part.

Practice Proper Diabetic Care

It is important for people with diabetes to inspect their feet every day and look for red areas, blisters, open sores, and other conditions. They must trim toenails in case they have decreased feeling in their feet. They must avoid trying any acid treatment for corns and calluses or using any sharp tool near their feet to avoid infections.

Keep the Skin on the Feet and the Nails Healthy

You must keep the skin on your feet healthy to prevent infection. Your skin protects your body from external factors which cause infection. Make sure you wash, dry, and apply quality creams every day to maintain the integrity of your feet skin.

Moreover, avoid going barefoot even in your home. Aside from the skin, the toenails are also susceptible to fungal infection. Usually, this kind of infection is contagious and transmitted by unsanitary conditions like pedicure and manicure salons, at the pool, locker room floors, and at the beach. Cut your toenails straight-cross so you don’t remove the corners.

Keep your Feet in Mind when Exercising

Exercising is important for your long-term health but this does not mean doing too much too soon to avoid causing problems with your feet. Focus on increasing your activity gradually and wearing proper sports shoes to avoid stressing fractures, inflammation, and sprains because of the increased stress demand on the foot.

Deal with Ankle Issues

A sprained ankle must be re-strengthened and rehabilitated to avoid long-term instability and eventual arthritis. After an injury, the ankles must be assessed right away.


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