You have small breasts and you are always upset about it. Just as one is ready to do anything for correcting any so-called deformity, you too are ready to do anything to increase your breast size.

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In such a condition, you come across articles in beauty magazines that promise you that your breast size can be increased or they can be lifted with certain exercises.

However, your breasts are made of fat tissue to a large extent and you can’t increase fat with exercise. On the contrary, you can reduce it.

Another fact is that the muscles around your chest can be tightened with exercise, so they are lifted and may create an illusion of an increase.

As such, exercise is good for your overall health and so, you should do it. But if you are doing it to increase breast size, you might be chasing a false dream.

For increasing the breast size in a maximum natural way, stem cells transplant is a great way. You can get more information about it at or at other cosmetic clinic online.

In this procedure, fat cells from another area of the body (where they are excessive) and stem cells (which have the capability of producing any type of cells) is taken out and grafted in breasts.

Thus, you don’t have anything foreign in your body like a silicone implant, but your own fat cells and stem cells.

Your Breasts and Fat Loss

In a woman’s breasts, there is fat tissue, mixed with some ducts and lobule tissue for breastfeeding purpose.

The reason of bigger breasts in some women is that these women are genetically predisposed to have fat in generous amounts in their breasts.

Other women on the other hand are not so well-endowed and therefore don’t have very big breasts. Breast size is also affected by your weight.

Thus, if you perform a lot of cardio exercise for fat loss, you are bound to lose some volume from your breasts.

But the amount of loss of breast size is not same for everyone. Some women experience that once they start losing weight, their breasts reduce in size.

Some other women can reduce the size of their belly, hips and thighs without losing their cup size. Who will lose breast size and who won’t depends on how the genetic dice roll.

You can try for fat loss and be successful in it too; but from which body part you will lose it depends on your particular DNA code.

Female bodybuilders and other athletes participating in competitions and taking special diets and exercise for the purpose, seem to have small breasts just because they have so less fat in their body.

Their small breast size isn’t because of the kind of exercise they do, but it’s due to the fact that the fat in their breasts has shrunk.

Muscle Gain in the Breasts

When resistance training breaks down your muscles, they grow back stronger, thicker and usually more voluminous.

But fat doesn’t respond in this way. So, you should keep in mind that you just can’t do chest flyes and pushups and hope for an increased cup size.

However, your breast tissue has got the pectoral muscles lying just beneath it. When this muscle is built, you might feel a slight augmentation in the diameter of your chest and a mild lift to the breasts.

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Breast Health

As mentioned earlier, exercise is healthy for us and thus, it’s definitely good for a woman’s breast health too. According to a meta-analysis published in Methods in Molecular Biology 2009 issue, exercise can prevent breast cancer.

All in all, exercise for your good health. For increasing breast size, choose something like fat transfer.

There are many other areas where you can try to augment your beauty, such as upper eyelid surgery Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne. Consider them too for an overall beauty enhancement.


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