As the most developed country in the world, the medical technology of the United States is unquestionable, otherwise there will not be so many celebrities who come here to see the disease. If you have a good health insurance (also known as美国医疗保险), don’t worry about the price, the US medical treatment still has many advantages.

  1. good service

Many people who go to see a doctor for the first time will be surprised. The hospital is more luxurious than a star hotel. Whether it is a hospital or a clinic, it is an appointment system. The number of patients who can see a doctor every day are controlled, in order to ensure that every patient can enjoy a good service. At the time of the consultation, they were all single rooms. Doctors and nurses are mostly amiable and patient.

2 High technology As the most developed economy in the world, the United States undoubtedly has the most advanced medical technology, the most advanced medical treatment programs, and the highest quality medical personnel. Coupled with the government’s encouragement of innovation, the United States has accounted for more than half of the new drugs launched each year. In addition, the US resident physician training system is very strict, basically ensuring the same level of doctors, there will be no huge gap between big cities and small towns, large hospitals and small clinics. This ensures that patients can enjoy quality services in any medical institution.

3.Rescue system Despite the high cost, people who do not have medical insurance and are not eligible for federal assistance can choose a public hospital if they are seriously ill. They accept government funding, they can’t see death, and they keep the patients out. If you can’t afford the bill, you can apply for a waiver, or you can pay in installments without interest. If you don’t have money, you can apply for relief and assistance. However, you must be cautious in enjoying this kind of welfare. If you don’t pay, you will be considered fraud and face legal sanctions. Those who have enjoyed the help will also be affected by immigration. In any case, for any country, medical care is a big problem. No matter where you live, health is always our greatest asset.

In U.S, medical insurance (also known as美国医保) is sperate with dental insurance and vision insurance. If you want to check your teeth (also known as 美国看牙) or check your vision in U.S., you will need to buy dental/vision plan seperately. Here we highly recommend huhu insurance (also known as虎虎保险)


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