When you start losing more hair than you usually do, a million thoughts start racing through your head. There is quite a bit of social stigma attached to hair loss, which makes dealing with the issue even more stressful.

There are a number of different causes of hair loss but the sooner you can detect it, the better your treatment will work.

Detecting Baldness

In most cases, the hair will gradually start to thin out from the forehead, creating an “M” shape. Unfortunately, until this shape starts to form, it can be difficult to detect the onset of baldness.

Hair loss does occur on a daily basis but if you’re noticing more hair loss than usual, it’s a sign that there’s something else wrong. Keep an eye on your pillowcase as well as your hairbrush to track your daily hair loss levels. It’s also helpful to take regular photos of yourself to track any changes to your hairline.

Baldness could also occur from the top of your head so don’t forget to pay attention to this area too.

Handling the Signs of Hair Loss

Here are some of the ways that you can start addressing the early signs of hair loss:

Try a new hairstyle

There are several hairstyles that you can try that will help hide your condition. Just be sure to stay away from hairstyles that make it obvious that you’re trying to hide hair loss. Certain hairstyles will only work as a hair loss solution if your hair is long and thick enough in other areas, the only other option would be to opt for a very short hairstyle.

Medication works too

There are also certain medications that help if they’re taken during the early stages of hair loss. Minoxidil is one medication that is known to slow down the hair loss process but it would mean using it for the long term if you wanted to maintain your results. Finasteride is another popular option that decreases the production of the hormones that cause hair loss. Unfortunately, both medications have side effects such as rashes, itching, swelling and depression.

Hair transplantation

A hair transplant at New Hair Clinic is still one of the most effective ways to naturally and permanently correct hair loss.

You don’t have to be a certain age to get a hair transplant either. If you feel that you are losing more hair than usual and you’re only in your 20s, hair transplant will help prevent excessive hair loss that will affect your appearance in your younger years.

The Basics of the FUT Method

There are different methods that can be used during the hair transplant process but Follicular Unit Transplantation is the most popular.

During this procedure, a donor strip of hair is removed from the back or the side of the head and individual hair follicles are dissected from it.

These individual hair follicles are then transplanted in the appropriate areas of the scalp using a scalpel.

After several months, the hair will begin to grow naturally again, leaving the patient with a fuller head of healthy hair.


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